Sunday, September 12, 2004

Bride and Prejudice PR Blitz

I am currently in London, awaiting onward travel to South Asia. I just entered the lounge and was basically hit in the face by the coer of the Mail on Sunday's (UK)cover. It features a quite colorful collage on the cover featuring the Indra Verma, bollywood star Namrata Shirodkar, and a larger image of Aishwarya Rai. The cover leads to a larger story/interview with Aishwarya Rai (and a brilliant photo spread)and her involvement in Gurinder Chadha's latest. Unfortunately, at this moment I cannot seem to be able to find the online version of this.

Additionally, Newsweek is running a piece on women in filmaking, a large component of which focuses on Gurinder Chadha and Bride and Prejudice.

When British director Gurinder Chadha started work on "Bend It Like Beckham," she was determined to prove that a film with an Asian star could be a mainstream commercial success. Now Chadha is taking her inventive melding of East and West a step further: her new film, "Bride and Prejudice," due out next month, features the Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai in her first English-language role, and transplants Jane Austen's 19th-century country-house classic to 21st-century India, Britain and Los Angeles. "I wanted to show that there is an alternative to Hollywood," says Chadha. "I wanted to do a Bollywood-style movie for audiences around the world. I thought because I would be introducing new concepts and styles, it would be best to use a story that people were familiar with."

I presume this is just the beginning of a larger PR blitz in preparation for the release of the film, which opens in the UK and in India in October. The Indian version is entitled “Balle Balle - Amritsar to LA!”


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