Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Can Water Bring Deepa Mehta Back?

Indo-Canadian Filmaker Deepa Mehta has signed on to direct, according to Variety, a new documentary for Canadian Television entitled, "For Crying Out Loud," a film focusing on four women—hailing from India, El Salvador, Nigeria and Canada—who have been victims of domestic violence.

I am glad that Mehta is coming back, especially after the poor show with Bollywood/Hollywood and The Republic of Love, but what I really want to know is, when will Water, the final film in her trilogy (Fire, 1947 Earth) be released? I liked Fire, while a little slow and odd, after Mississippi Masala, it was my first foray into contemporary (non-Bollywood) Indian cinema, and I was enthralled by Mehta's work.

When 1947 Earth was released, not only did I first see Amir Khan as a real actor, I saw that Deepa Mehta had the potential to make a serious impact on international cinema. Earth was a huge improvement on Fire, and I was anxiously awaiting the last installment of the trilogy, Water.

Anyway, a little Google search led me to this article in India Daily which suggests an imminent release.

After causing a spark in a tinderbox, her film Water is finally complete and ready for an early release. With a new cast and new settings, the film will hit theatres in November. "I''m so glad I''ve got it out of my system. Now I feel I could just retire. I''m that satisfied with Water," said the director. The film's rights have been given to NRI entrepreneur Ajay Virmani.


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