Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Back to Pakistan?

Todays Diplomatic Dispatches Column in the Washington Post announces the departure of Pakistani journalist and Ambassador to the United States Maleeha Lodhi. While Ambassador Lodhi has been in the States for over 2 years, it still puzzles me that she is being recalled. I think she has done a tremendous job representing Pakistan inside of the United States. I did however hear her speak on a couple of occaisions and her remarks from those talks lead me to believe that perhaps this is her choice (and maybe a sign of protest)? Perhaps Ambassador Lodhi is upset over the haphhazard way Pervez Musharraf is "leading" Pakistan back to democracy. I heard that she was not too keen on taking the posting to the US under Musharraf precisely b/c of the way he took power, and now maybe, her leaving is a result of the way he is trying to consolidate his power? Regardless, congratulations are in order, she has served her people well.

I will be out of DC for the holiday (I hope this makes me safer) so will not be posting for awhile. Anyway Happy Fourth of July!


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