Friday, July 26, 2002

Racism at the Club

Here is a link to a report filed yesterday by a New York affiliate of NBC News. Apparently, a group of South Asian professionals had ok'd a guest list in advance with the General Manager for the New York Club, Remedy, when the majority of the group was subsequently denied entrance. The story goes as this: When the guests had arrived, it seems there were too many South Asians in line, and the bouncer, sensing that perhaps by the end of the evening the club would be overbalanced with too many brown people, stopped letting them in. It kind of makes sense until other guests were told by club officials, that there was no party, or that they were "not letting any of your type of people [South Asian] into our club."

Sure, It is a private club, and of course, not everyone gets in. But, there seems to be at least a hint of discrimination in not letting the group in, particularly, when the party organizers obtained emails from the club's general manager indicating that their guests would have "assured entrance." To view the whole story, check out the links: the video can be found here , and the full story here.

I also wanted to add on a sidenote, Hima Dasika, a GW graduate is one of the people featured on the video clip.


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