Sunday, July 14, 2002

When Hari met Salli... literally

I wish this would have been my idea, but it seems that Indians will now be getting their own genre of Reality Television soon. Rather than promote trashy television with the likes of shows mirroring Temptation Island or Love Cruise, Indians will now be able to watch "Kahin Naa Kahin Koi Hai'' or in English, ``There is Someone, Somewhere Made for You,'' Sony TV India's new reality show that "will get young boys and girls to meet, get to know each other and their families, and announce whether they wish to get married -- all in front of the camera." I think this is a fantastic idea, reality tv, but for Indian sensibilities and destined for success. Improving its chances for "hit"status, slated to host the show is none other than famed Bollywood heroine, Madhuri Dixit. Sony should promptly air this program on its channels for consumption by the Indian diaspora abroad, I know many desis, myself included, that would love to watch this show.

thanks for the tip gopi, and thanks for the title anand.


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