Thursday, October 10, 2002

Cuban Missile Crisis... 40 years Later

Today, delegations from the United States, Cuba, and The former Soviet Union will gather in Havana, Cuba to gain a better understanding of who was thinking what and when during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Gathering, which will last until Sunday, will include former CIA and Russian officials, Sec. Robert McNamara, and Fidel Castro himself.

The Conference is significant also because it has been the impetus for the declassification of both Cuban and Soviet documents on the Crisis, which will ideally lead to a better understanding on decision making during the crisis. The conference organizers, The National Security Archive, will also publish on its website, more declassified documents on the Crisis. Press releases on developments that occur during the conference can be found on the Archive website, and the Archive Cuban Missile Crisis Page, which includes declassified photographs from the Crisis as well as tape recordings of the decision-making process.


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