Saturday, October 05, 2002

India-Pakistan Political Cartoons

Sorry for my lack of posts--I feel like I am in this perpetual world of being busy with school, articles, work, and just trying to figure things out. Anyway, while doing some schoolwork, I came across this great page on Slate with links to political cartoons about the India-Pakistan standoff, posturing, craziness. It never ceases to amaze me how two countries, with so much intellectual capital, can waste billions of dollars on weapons and nuclear posturing, while not having enough money to cover the basic needs of the majority of their populace, including the jailing of drunk drivers/Bollywood stars who hit and kill innocent bystanders and then flee the scene.

Cynthia McKinney--Who is She Kidding?

When the Indian-American political lobby actually does something, results often follow. A recent story by Chidhu Rajghatta in the TOI and one also in the Atlanta Journal Constitution cites the Indian-American community in Georgia as playing a large role in the defeat of MS. McKinney in the democratic primary. Many Indian Americans see McKinney as very anti-India and pro-Pakistan and Khalistan. As a result, Indian-Americans got the word out and ,although not singlehandedly, indeed contributed greatly to Ms. McKinney's defeat.

It seems, now that the "lame-duck" (can you use that word to describe congresswomen?) Congresswoman has entered into the record her feeling that the Indian government was behind her defeat. She entered into the Congressional Record this statement

"Ms. McKINNEY. Mr. Speaker, as you know, I recently suffered a setback
in my bid for reelection. I am beginning to get over the disappointment
that I will no longer be able to serve the people of Georgia in the
next Congress. I will miss serving.
However, there were some alarming things about the campaign to defeat
me that I think my colleagues of both parties should look out for. I am
not talking about the Republicans who crossed over to vote for my
opponent, but the heavy involvement of Indians in the primary. I am one
of the Members of Congress who has tried to get out the truth about
South Asia, and I am proud of that. Earlier this year, I was one of 42
Members of Congress who wrote to President Bush to urge the release of
Sikh and other political prisoners in India.
Apparently, this irritated the Indians because the newspaper article
I am inserting in the Record along with this statement shows that they
admitted that they invested heavily in the effort to defeat me. To my
colleagues of both parties who have also been involved in the effort to
expose India's brutal record, I say: Watch out; they are coming after
you, too.
India has a record of illegal interference in U.S. elections. Former
Ambassador S.S. Ray publicly urged the reelection of former Senator
Larry Pressler and in opposition to now Senator Robert Torricelli. An
Indian American immigration lawyer named Lalit Gadhia funneled money
from the Indian Embassy to Congressional candidates, according to the
Baltimore Sun. Most of the candidates were of my party, people I am
proud to have had as my colleagues during my service in Congress. But
it is still illegal and wrong for India to funnel Embassy money to
these Members' campaigns.
Now I have become the latest political officeholder in India's cross
hairs. I won't be the last unless their activities are exposed. Mr.
Speaker, whether I am in office or not, I don't intend to let a foreign
power determine the results of American elections if I can help it.
Mr. Speaker, I would like to insert the article showing Indian
involvement in my primary into the Record to help expose their

Following the statement, she entered the TOI article into the record as well. Perhaps Ms. McKinney shouldn't be in office anyway, not because of her anti-India bias, but rather, because she can't read. Nowhere in the story does it say anything about the Indian government. It does however cite Indian-AMERICANS as being involved.

Thanks to Instapundit for keeping up on this story.

The complete insertion into the Congressional Record can be found here.


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