Thursday, August 21, 2003

Ben's Chili Bowl Turns 45

Great story from today's Washington Post on what I have found to be a landmark in the Nation's capital, Ben's Chili Bowl as it turns 45.

The article, written by Debbi Wilgoren, does a great job at describing the history of both U street and Ben's, and the role both played in American history. Also, being a vegetarian, it was great to walk into Ben's and devour some of the best, vegetarian chili, vegetarian chili cheese fries, and vegetarian chili cheese burgers I have ever had. And then to be able to wash it all down with a really nice milkshake, well, you cannot beat it. (And no, I did not eat all of that stuff in one sitting.)

I always wondered if the owners were Indian, or of Indian origin, and I suspect that since Ben Ali is from Trinidad, he may have some sort of a desi/Indian background. Anyway, congratulations Ben on 45 years, and hopefully there will be at least 45 more.


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