Tuesday, August 12, 2003

KB Toys and George Bush

Here is a link to a new action figure that KB Toys is now selling that is a replica of George W. Bush in what is, as the product description indicates, "the latest issue in its Elite Force series of authentic military 12- inch figures, President George W. Bush in naval aviator flight uniform. Exacting in detail and fully equipped with authentic gear, this limited-edition action figure is a meticulous 1:6 scale recreation of the Commander-in-Chief's appearance during his historic Aircraft Carrier landing. On May 1, 2003, President Bush landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) in the Pacific Ocean, and officially declared the end to major combat in Iraq." And because of this act, I am assuimg, they are selling this toy.

My question is this, I thought it was illegal, for the President to make any money off him being President, while in office, and I also thought it was illegal for any company to attempt to make money off of the President, or any likeness of the President, at least until he is out of office. Wouldn't George W. Bush have to give his consent for this type of toy to be made, and is that consent not illegal? I am hoping some of you guys might know about this for sure, so if you do, leave a comment. I am going to try and do some research on this, and if I find out more, I will post it.

Here is a story from the WP on this.


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