Friday, August 29, 2003

Everybody Says I'm Fine

Nice story from today's on Washington Post on Rahul Bose's film, Everybody Says I'm Fine. The movie, which opens at Visions Cinema and Bistro here in Washington, is based in a hair salon in Mumbai, where the city's elite meet to relax, gossip, and get their hair done.

Here is a clip from the article:
"For most American viewers, Indian film is a bipolar affair, defined either by lurid Bollywood extravaganzas or the more personal stories of Mira Nair ("Monsoon Wedding"). So "Everybody Says I'm Fine" arrives as a welcome departure; although Rahu Bose's first feature ultimately succumbs to overblown melodrama and too-neat conclusions, it marks a promising and energetic debut from a filmmaker who is clearly seeking to widen audiences' perceptions of India and its cinema culture. "

I don't think I could have said it better myself. This is one of those films that falls in the category of films like "English August," and "Split Wide Open," definitely not Bollywood, but definitely Indian.

Incidentally, Vision's is having a desi party to celebrate the movie's opening with free hour d'oeuvres, drink specials, and bhangra/desi music DJ tonight beginning at 9.


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