Friday, October 17, 2003

Musical Updates, Britney, Madonna, and The Fugees

Musical Updates, Britney, Madonna, and The Fugees

Well, I heard the Rishi Rich production of Britney Spears’ (with Madonna) “Me Against the Music.” I don’t know if I would necessarily call it bhangra, but it does have a nice South Asian influence to it with some background vocals and the tumbi and dhol effects. In fact, the production sounds at times, very similar to what Rishi Rich has done with Craig David’s two tracks, “Rise and Fall,” and “Spanish.”

In other musical stuff, I was reading my newly arrived issue of Rolling Stone, and read with interest an article entitled “The Mystery of Lauryn Hill—RS this month is doing a special on Women who Rock—and I, like many Hip-Hop fans wondered what happened to Lauryn on the solo tip, and the Fugees as a group. Surprisingly Pras has gone out on a limb and has placed the brunt of the Fugees breakup on Wyclef Jean, labeling him “the cancer of the Fugees. “He’s the Cancer. You can quote me. He’s the reason why it got wrecled to begin with, he’s the reason why it’s not fixed.”

I always thought, and you hear this on Wyclef’s records, that Wyclef was the most vocal proponent of the Fugee’s getting back together. Unfortunately, he did not want to be interviewed for the article.

I don’t think the article is online, so you will have to purchase this months Rolling Stone to read the whole piece.


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