Friday, November 07, 2003

Boast Post... I was on CNN!

Just a note of caution before you read any further--coming up is egregious self promotion. I was interviewed about the documents the Archive published, in particular this document, with regards to my work on the Taliban.

The interview ran last night on Wolf Blitzer's show, and I was informed, will be running again today at 11 and 2 P.M. EDT. I am only on the segment for like 10 seconds, but the whole experience was quite surreal, and yes, fun. Its weird because I watch CNN and other news shows like it. So to arrive, be taken through a green room, be mic'ed, given the earpiece, and then see yourself in front of the faux backdrop of the Washington D.C. skyline--it was just kind of rad.

Anyway, the last bit of self promotion is this corresponding article that CNN has on their website on the document.

Now, back to blogging on non-self promoting items.


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