Friday, November 07, 2003

Indian Flute Video

I just checked out the video for Timbaland and Magoo (featuring Sebastian) Indian Flute, from First of all, I was impressed that they represented India in the the video, even if it was just images of the Taj, stone sculptures, and and some South Asian females (but no Raje Shwari). The Negatives of the video from y first impression, Raje Shwari is nowhere to be found on the credits or the video, and I was disappointed to see the typical genre-bending belly dancers.

Overall, the video was cool, and I think it tried to bring the Mumbai Beer-bar vibe, because it had that whole harem feel to it. If you want to see the video, click here.

I am really wondering what happenned to Raje, and why she wasn't represented at all on the video. It kind of reminds me of the controversey that occurred back in the early 1990's when C and C music factory (I think) had some skinny girl, replace the actual singer, in the video. Timbaland replaced Raje with some random Indian girl, that did not seem to be Raje. I hope she didn't get legally taken advantage of by him or his camp because if she wasn't on this track, or the other South Asian influences ones, those songs would be nothing.


I saw Timbaland and Magoo on MTV's Direct Efx last night. Timbaland, when asked about the concept of the song/video Indian Flute, said he wanted to do something different than having the typical Spanish whisperings of sweet nothings to the rapper. Instead, he wanted to have Indian (Hindi) whisperings of sweet nothings in the video. Well, Timbaland didn't use exactly those words, but that is what he was referring to. Also, Tim was saying how he wanted his record label (beatclub) to not soley focus on hip-hop and rap, and that in fact, he wanted to make it more universal and produce World Albums, Pop Albums, and Country Albums. But disappointingly, no mention of Raje, in the credits or anywhere. Also, there was no credit given to Sebastian, who is also featured in the video.

I wonder if that is why Raje Shwari left? Maybe Tim wanted her to do a world album, and she wanted to do more of a hip-hop thing. I know there is a lot of speculation, and a lot of people are sick of hearing about this, but I think Raje should make a statement clarifying things, at least on her website, so that those who are following her, and supporting her, know what is going on.


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