Thursday, December 11, 2003

Panjabi MC on ER?

Panjabi MC on ER

I don't know if any of you watch the show ER--you should--the TV Guide critic Matt Roush says the show has been improving, and credits ER's resurgence to Bend It Like Beckham's Parminder Nagra and the new nurse Sam Taggart (played by Linda Cardellini)-- but I digress. I was just watching the opening scene of the show, and Dr. Gallant ( played by Sharif Atkins) gave Parminder Nagra's character (Neela Rasgotra) a christmas present--none other than Panjabi MC's Beware. They put the CD into the player, and out came Mundian to Bach Ke featuring not Jay-Z as one would assume, but instead the remix featuring Chicago MC Twista--which is not actually on the album. It was cool though, Nagra and Sharif Atkins were dancing like they were at the VIP club. That is bringing the South Asian noise mainstream folks.

Anyway, it looked like the folks in the ER were feeling the tune (as did many people all around the world), but I did find it odd that Dr. Gallant referred to PMC's music as Sikh Rap--since, well, it isn't Sikh rap. We here at DESIBLOG like to call it modern, or UK Bhangra, music taken from the Punjab area of India and Pakistan, and then transformed from its traditional form into a new genre to include elements of hip-hop, reggae, R & B, or whatever.

I also want to recognize Pragna Desai who is another Desi representing on ER who plays Angelique, a Doctor in Kisangani with Carter. You might recognize her from the movie Sum of All Fears.


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