Friday, February 20, 2004

New York + Good Music + Really Good Food = little blogging

So I have been in New York visiting friends and taking a break from Washington for the past couple of days. It has been quite nice so far. I arrived on Wednesday night and dragged my poor friend Anand with me (I say "poor friend Anand" because he had to be up at 6:30 am for work the next morning) to Kollective with me at Kush bar. Kollective was bumping, Karsh Kale was back dj'ing after a month of touring, the famed Nihal--from the BBC's Bobby Friction and Nihal show was the guest on the decks, and BBC2 was filming some-sort of documentary. Did i mention the tunes were awesome?

I woke up on Thursday with a little cold, but fought through it and made my way to one of my new favorite new york eateries--Chinese Mirch. I spent the last six months of 1998 in India, doing the whole study abroad travel thing that gets done by students in the states, and while there I picked up some serious love for Gobi Manchurian, and Vegetarian won ton soup, items steadily available in Bangalore (with its large Tibetan community) and Bombay. Located in the "Curry Hill" area of NYC, Chinese Mirch not only has both on the menu, it has a nice decor, friendly staff, and is really affordable--soup, entree, and spring roll for 6.95 plus tax.

I am pretty excited for Saturday--we are going to see Karsh Kale and the Realize Live Band. I have seen Karsh perfrom live, and live tabla with computers and turntables is pretty cool. But getting to see the whole thing go down live is going to be pretty amazing. To find out more about the show, to get tickets to the show, or to learn about Asian Massive tourdates around the world, check out

Stay tuned for more nyc updates. Right now I am going to get a cupcake from the Buttercup bake shop, conveniently located right downstairs from my friends apartment.


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