Friday, April 02, 2004

Raje Responds

Raje Shwari Responds

I just received Raje's official response to the Timbaland interview clip that was played on Panjabi Hit Squad's show last week.

Below are official comments made by Raje Shwari:
(I received this in an email--so I will not edit for spelling/typo's etc..)

"Hello Gentlemen, Raje here. First and foremost, thanks for the love I always feel floating to me from overseas especially from your crew. Truly appreciated more than you know.

SO, I heard bits and pieces of the interview y'all did with the Beatmaster himself. Let me just say that there are two sides to every
story, and unfortunately this is a classic case of a music industry diseased with middlemen that are hell bent on pitting good people up
against each other with lies just to make their own dollars. Sadly, I have never had a one on one conversation with Tim himself about why I
walked away, but I still remain with nothing but much love and respect for him. Can't say a bad word about him. He took me under his wing and
taught me so many priceless things. Perhaps someday the universe will facilitate for us to talk about what really went down and how we both
were manipulated so he will understand the real story and that I never meant to disrespect him by leaving Beatclub. But for now, I'm gonna be
David in this "David and Goliath" scenario and just keep standin up to the Giant .... keep puttin up the good fight, if you know what I mean.
As far as your listener's comments, some will say, "Oh, she's just a hook girl, a free sample, she can't really sing, she's being used by the super producers for Asian influenced tracks, she's over with already" and so on and so on...Actually I might even think the same thing 'bout an artist like me based on what's gone down in the Asian/Hip Hop scene just in the last two years and what I have and have not been able to do in the public's eye...I myself got tired of making other poeple's shit hot and not bein able to do my own thing the way I wanted to do it. What goes on behind the scenes is a whole different story. People don't even
know I sing straight up R&B in English and was just tryna combine the hip hop, hindi and English to come up with my own unique style, instead of always singing the Indian shit. Just part of paying my dues I guess. That's exactly why I chose to break out on my own and prove myself.

For those that will continue to believe in me, I'm grateful and still bustin my ass to prove all the doubters wrong. Sure, you can call me a hook girl, you can call me a so so singer, and you can even call me the dumb girl who walked away from Tim's camp...but you can't call me a sell-out.
It's definitely not easy to stay true to yourself with so much temptation and confusion swirling around. But I look at it this way....controversy can be a good thing. Trust me, in the end the fact that the big boys like Timbo and Pharrell are workin with, and even more than that, talking about an artist like me on your show, just goes to show that Asian influenced music is here to stay no doubt. Don't count me out, cuz it aint over til its over. Til then, Its all good."

So there it is.


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