Thursday, October 10, 2002

Iraq--Some Terminology

I have desperately, the last couple of days, been trying to understand the motivation of George W. Bush and his administration to go to War over Iraq. What I have come up with is a list of, to be quite honest, of reckless, hegemonic, and very dangerous reasons why the U.S. might want to act.

First off, I was thinking that perhaps there has to be some intelligence suggesting there is indeed some imminent threat eminating from Saddam Hussein and Iraq. But with the recent CIA assessments to Congress suggesting that the only way Saddam would consider attacking with Chemical or Biological weapons would be if he was threatened, threatened by a U.S. strike that would endanger both his regime and his life. Although there are only a couple reports available to the public like this, it seems unlikely to me now, that there actually is some credible evidence.

Other thoughts, and I hope this is not the case are as follows
1. Avenge Bush 1's inability to get Saddam (even though that was never the stated goal)
2. America cannot allow the Blacks to have the Bomb. We already have India and Pakistan, another country would be too dangerous
3. The good ol' military industrial complex perhaps could be the kick start needed to boost the sagging American economy
4. Another source of cheap oil?

I have no idea what it is, but I do wish that the President, the media, and anyone in the know would maybe clarify the use of the terms Preemptive war and Preventive War. My understanding is that Preemptive war suggests an attack to stop an imminent threat, something that is happening very soon. According to Preemptive war relates to or constituting a military strike made so as to gain the advantage when an enemy strike is believed to be imminent: a preemptive nuclear attack.

A Preventive war connotates what I think the Bush administration is doing because according to everything publicly known, Iraq does not yet posess nuclear weapons, nor are intending on attacking the U.S. According to, a preventive war is one carried out to deter expected aggression by hostile forces.

As I type, Sen. Daschle and many of our American representatives are voting with the President on Iraq. Are we, the United States, going to war over something that might not happen?


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