Friday, December 12, 2003

Hip-hot Panjabi MC leads star influx into city

Rivalry Brewing Between Panjabi MC and Rishi Rich

PMC and Rishi Rich are in India, along with Danish group Outlandish, and the boy-band Westlife, among others, getting set to perform at the Indian Music Awards, otherwise known as the Immies.

While there, it seems a rivalry is brewing between the two UK bhangra heavyweights. According to this story in the Indian Express, PMC, who’s bagged a World Music Award, Best Dance Act at MTV Europe Awards and UK Act of the Year, has made no bones about musicians who’ve jumped on the bhangra bandwagon after him, saying that ‘‘Rishi Rich is a fake cut.’

By the way, if you haven't yet heard or checked out the group Outlandish, you really should. Peelo, Aicha, and Guantanamo are all outstanding tracks, and are all available in streaming audio here.


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