Saturday, December 13, 2003 India Abroad Person of the Year

India Abroad Person of the Year 2003 Abroad has named Sonal Shah, founder of the amazing program INDIcorps, as India Abroad Person of the Year 2003. For those of you that don't know, INDIcorps is a program that encourages Non-Resident Indians residing in the United States to give one year to India through an organized service project. The program, set up by Shah in 2001, and her siblings Roopal and Anand, is a nonprofit organization that helps mostly college graduate Indian-Americans reconnect with India, through giving something back to the country by having volunteers commit one year to doing community service work at a grassroots level througout India. It is essentially, a nongovernmental version of the Peace Corps with a focus on India and Indian-Americans.

A truly great project and a very deserving winner. Congratulations go out from DESIBLOG on the Award to Sonal, and our thanks to her for the work she does.


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