Monday, April 05, 2004

Outsourcing Backlash

I understand that outsourcing of jobs, many of which are going to India, has become this huge political issue, and with white collar jobs fleeing, white collared people are getting upset. But, this shirt from is not only uncalled for, I find it straight-up offensive and racist. I was going to put a hyperlink but I don't want to give these people any more publicity than necessary. When American jobs are lost, obviously it hurts us, but when we use racism or derrogatory stereotypes to fight things that seem to be unjust, I don't think that gets anyone anywhere. In fact, it makes the cause look stupid.

In the end, outsourcing is another part of the globalization phenomenon, and it is uncontrollable. For things that are deemed positive for America from the phenomenon, things will be negative as well, and to have one part of globalization, the whole thing must be accepted.


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